History First! Have you ever thought that your business needs a complete solution rather than a mere short-term satisfaction? Well, we are a group of earthly beings who always think of straight-notch answers without taking any shortcuts. And, that's how “The Great Slyaka” was born. Unique + Creative + Narrative + Innovative = “Slyaka”

“In a coating, Our Slyaka spots down all the agile frameworks into one strengthened team of Workforce.”

Slyaka is an Indian start-up company. We develop the human brain to reach their goal and provide opportunities to make their dream reality. Slyaka is a rising concern, a group of highly professional minds.

We are available for hire in a wide range of creative displaces for a variety of jobs, projects, and gigs.

What this Slyaka is about?

No doubt that you are in this ‘Digital ball of life’ where your morning coffee is so hot because of the heating cup and your daily social feeds. Moreover, if you are a businessman in this digital world, then you really are lost in this vast web called “Online”. Slyaka does know that and that’s when it jumps in the sea to become your savior. Slyaka is a digital yard, where you can build a whole website boat for your online travel, take life jackets of marketing for the safe reach of targets, most importantly you can hire a captain of business consulting in case you are not yet ready and much more on the go.

Pillars of Slyaka

As we already said, Slyaka is all about delivering solutions for Digital needs under the business roof. Here are the number of pillars that hold up Slyaka strongly on top of the crowd.

  • Web Development
  • App Development
  • Branding
  • B2B Consulting
  • Custom Software Development

Our Vision

Looking beyond the imagination and getting the hidden glory

Our Mission

Digitalize and conceptualize work IT infrastructure to help to achieve a target by having the support software as a service. Our main concern is to minimize and maximize work efforts.

Values of our company

Our company is predicated on innovation, creativity, and knowledge. We are satisfied with what we do and proud to integrate a corporation that respects values such as:

  • Dedicated and passionate about excellence
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Diversity
  • Collaboration and respect
  • Attention and care about our colleagues and their excellence in life
  • Talent retention and continuous contribution
  • Desire shares knowledge, achievements, and experiences

Slyaka is not one, it’s us, you, your business in its every digital blood!

Upfront Crew of Slyaka

A team of young and enthusiastic professionals with proven excellence in B2B Consulting, Web Designing, Application development, IOS & BB Base app development, Brand management, Digital marketing, Content management, Branding, and Business management.

Highlights of Team ‘Slyakas’

We focus on our client’s business goals and deliver the right solutions for online growth and greater brand loyalty from start till end.

Plan, project, Picturesque, and Produce. Our strict rule of productivity in all the pillars of work.

We don’t stop at just delivering what you need, we do suggest further implementations if needed or required to build a more reliable and creative product for you and your digital business.

During the entire course of the collaboration, we will be always in touch with the clients because we believe that clients have the right to know the progress of their projects.

Time is always precious and our client’s time is very precious for us, that’s why we always try to finish our projects on time and hopefully we always keep our promise.

Right from the beginning we are committed to open communication, cooperation, and collaboration with you — to make sure you get just what you would like and need, at a price you can afford.